Cronus Business Systems was instrumental in helping us organize our startup. We have been running in the black for 2 years now and we owe it to the ongoing business relationship that we have with Cronus Business Systems

South Shore Cleaning Company

After 19 years in the CPA field, my wife and I started seeing our business become stagnant. Cronus Business was able to look at where we had been and after reviewing our goals, defined a path as to where we would like to be. We were able to take that outline and ideas, and with the assistance of their network of consultants, were able to rebrand our company and redefine our direction. In the 3 years since we have been working hand in hand with Cronus Business, we have experienced the best and most consistent growth pattern in our company’s history.

Massachusetts CPA Firm

We are a small local Insurance Agency that has been in business for over 30 years. After taking over the business from a family member, I found that while business was doing well, our client base was primarily older and most of our income was from recurring income while very few new clients were being brought on. While recurring income is great, attrition will sooner or later start to take its toll. Cronus Business Systems was able to come in and help us re-brand our business with newer and more modern logos letterhead and marketing material. We were also able to launch a new website to allow new customers to find us. We have noticed a steady increase in our customer base and I know it was the direct result of the hard work that Cronus Business Systems did to help us out.

North Shore Insurance Agency

About 2 years ago, my partner and I decided to start a service company that focused on a specific office product line. Cronus Business helped us setup our web site and marketing material as well as our internal systems. Since our kickoff, we have had Cronus Business run several project for us that have all run flawlessly. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Massachusetts Office Equipment Company

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