Electronic Marketing

Cronus Business Systems works with clients to design and then initiate Electronic Marketing Campaigns that allows tracking of data and returns on the campaigns. This allows for a more focused and defined target audience to follow up with by either calls or personalized emails. By using Closed Loop Marketing as well as Drip Marketing, the standard “very small percentage of return” is quantified by controlling communication and tracking responses.

Web Development

Cronus Business Systems has a team of Wed Design Experts that can build or edit almost any form of web site. From straight HTML code to more complex Shopping Cart and Database driven sites, we have the right team for the right project.

Business Development

When it comes to general Business Development, Cronus Business Systems can work with clients to outline and develop solutions spanning from CRM solutions to Public Relations and Networking Opportunities. Business Development strategies can be designed around a particular goal or just overall business growth.

IT Solutions

When it comes to Technology, most small businesses rely on their systems for more than they realize. For everything from Bookkeeping to Marketing, technology is the backbone of most small businesses. Cronus Business can help design, install and setup a new network, or can look at what you currently have, suggest what can be done to make it better and work with you on implementing those solutions.

Social Media Management

In the current business environment, Social Media plays some part of every business out there. Depending on the type of business or the industry that you operate in, Social Media is one of the avenues that potential clients will go to in order to validate your business. From Facebook, to LinkedIn to Blogs, Cronus Business Systems can manage your Social Media presence.

Small Business Consulting

When it comes to running a Small Business, there’s no guide as to what needs to get done and what order they need to be done in. Many small business owners run their business under a “Trial and Error” process to see what works and what doesn’t. At Cronus Business Systems, we have over 29 years of small business experience that can help guide you through the maze of processes out there. Vendor Relations – Most small businesses rely on their relationships with their Vendors to help them run their business. Between Lines of Credit, Terms and Product Demo’s, the relationship with your Vendors can be one of the most beneficial tools you have. Cronus Business Systems recognizes the fact that you have a business to run and can’t be tied up negotiating terms or dealing with an RMA, that’s where we come in. We can help with all your Vendor Relationship issues.


One of the biggest killers for a small business is Accounts Receivable. Managing your AR listing and making sure that you have consistent cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. When accounts age, the longer they go unaddressed, the harder it is to collect the money. We are NOT a professional collection company but we also understand that a managed AR will stay under control easier than one that is neglected. If it comes to a point where legal action must be taken, Cronus Business Systems has a number of lawyers and collection agents that we work with that will be able to help at a reasonable cost.

Problem Resolution

For a Small Business, most non-owners would be amazed at the number of problems come up on an on-going basis. Cronus Business Systems has been exposed to and has experience with almost any problem that you can imagine and for our clients, these experiences can be a great resource to draw from. The problems can stem anywhere from what’s the best banking service to get, to competitors marketing impact.

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