About Chris Copelas

My Story

Chris Copelas is a born and raised North Shore resident residing in the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts. After spending 30 years developing company’s IT systems , Chris realized that his passion and love was more aligned with being the compass that guides business owners through the tough waters of entrepreneurship.

11 Years ago, Chris scaled back his IT business and decided to be a leader in his field and contribute to improving the backbone of every community, the local small business. The drive to help the local communities grow has led to the Cronus Management Operating System as a recognized process for any business owner.

Chris believes that in order to properly consult a business, it is necessary to appreciate the goals of the business as if it were his own. This ideology has led Chris to not having clients, but rather clients that identify more as his friends. Communication between friends is much more powerful than communication between consultant and client, which is why Chris has been able to develop longstanding relationships in the business community.

When Chris is not sitting with his friends, he is spending time with him wife Sharon of 28 years, his children, and his German Shepherds.  In his free time, he enjoys volunteering in the local community and spending time with his family.    Chris looks forward to Monday’s but always advises his friends to enjoy their Saturdays and Sundays. Part of the ideology behind a good business model is to appreciate why he and those he consults work so hard to build something special. It is for the time spent being proud, it is for the peace of mind of having security, and most of all, it’s for the joys and experiences spent with family.