Cronus Business Systems has been helping small businesses prosper for over 5 years.  With almost 29 years of Small Business Consulting experience, Cronus Business has the experience and expertise to not only understand your business, but to understand the dynamics of a small business and how they operate.

With experience spanning from Trade Show Database and Logistic Management to Electronic Marketing, Web Design and Social Media Management, Cronus Business Systems has the experience to help your small business grow and prosper.  With close to 29 years of experience in the Small Business arena, the network of professionals at our disposal allows us offer a wide variety of solutions for almost any business need.

The Small Business Owner in today’s market has a special and unique set of challenges facing them.  With over 25% of small businesses failing in the first year, then that rate jumps to close to 40% in the second year, small business owners need a trusted source of guidance and help, that also fits within the budget of their business.

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