Let Us Help Guide You To Your Goals in the Right Ways.

Small business owners need a trusted source of guidance and help, that also fits within the budget of their business.

What We Do

Cronus Business Systems has been a community leader in business consultancy working hand in hand with mission-driven small business owners to ensure the steps they are taking are founded on attainable goals that lead to fulfilling their vision.

In today’s environment, strategic agility is key as entrepreneurs are facing more competition and less room to make errors. Most businesses fail within 2 years and throughout that experience the business owner endures the constant inner-monologue of what they could have done differently or better to reach their business goals. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or new to your business, the Cronus Management Operating System promotes an easily manageable step by step process that assists small business owners to accomplish their ultimate goals.

Not every business has the same goals, and not every business owner operates the same way. Custom strategic agility that have key touchpoints with every area of the business that needs attention is a proven strategy that has helped local Northshore small businesses thrive in today’s difficult environment. With 11 years of experience in business consultancy, the Cronus Management Operating System is considered a necessary process for business owners to understand their goals and recognize the maximum potential for market penetration and unimpaired infrastructure using proven best practices.

Need Advice?

With over 30 years of Small Business Consulting experience, Cronus Business Systems has the experience and expertise to not only understand your business, but to understand the dynamics of a small business and how they operate.


Meet Chris Copelas

Chris Copelas is a born and raised North Shore resident residing in the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts. After spending 30 years developing company’s IT systems , Chris realized that his passion and love was more aligned with being the compass that guides business owners through the tough waters of entrepreneurship.

11 Years ago, Chris scaled back his IT business and decided to be a leader in his field and contribute to improving the backbone of every community, the local small business. The drive to help the local communities grow has led to the Cronus Management Operating System as a recognized process for any business owner.